Ok, I eventually need to make this a little more readable and add links out for reader convenience. But essentially here's the bits worth knowing about:
This is an Adobe Myportfolio site hosted on Adobe systems, so they will set cookies on your device and track visitor usage around this site and other Adobe stuff (see their privacy policy for details beyond this site). From my own browser I can see that this includes data that goes beyond Adobe's own systems, so they clearly have third parties that they allow to gather data too (including but not limited to, in my experience, Twitter, Facebook, and Doubleclick - check Adobe's policies for details). 
This site also uses Google Analytics for my own information to see in aggregate what visitors do, which will presumably set cookies on your device (see their privacy policy for details beyond this site again).
If you don't want me, Adobe, or Google, or their partners with agreements to set cookies on your device or gather data on how you use the site, or you'd like to understand more information about what is loaded to do this, then you should set appropriate browser controls on javascript and setting cookies to prevent them loading. This does not stop you using this site with full functionality (except for Adobe Typekit, which loads the fonts used - without it, the site will look a bit poorer but does still work).
Note that any uniquely-identifying information is held by Adobe and Google, not me - I see aggregate information only from website tracking.
Any personal information sent through the contact me page, or to the email address listed there, will of course be seen and stored by me. It is stored in a Google Apps mail account, on Google servers, and I will only use it for the purpose of replying to you. I won't send it to anyone else without your consent first, I won't start an email newsletter list with it, I definitely won't send it to Nigerian princes looking to move large sums of money.
If you have not clicked "accept" on the banner at the foot of this website's pages, then the cookies and analytics will not run, according to Adobe - but that is out of my control and may change (if I find out it has, I'll update this).
If you have any questions about what data I hold and use, use the contact page to get in touch. Noting what I just said above about then holding information about you - but I still can't help you find a Nigerian prince with lots of money.
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